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Group Exercise Classes

An initial assessment and introduction to the exercises by Kim or Wendy is needed before joining one of the Group Exercise classes. This is necessary to ensure that you are placed in the class suitable to your current level of ability.  It is also important to familiarise yourself with specific terms and strengthening techniques that you’ll require in the classes. Bookings are essential and can be made by contacting our rooms.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise is the most significant way to improve one’s health and decrease pain. Appropriate exercises can increase strength, improve flexibility, and reduce back pain. Most doctors accept that exercise plays a vital role and is considered as one of the most important treatment options in the recovery of a multitude of health conditions including back pain. Our back is stressed by the demands we make on the body every day in life. It’s a fact that when you are ‘fit’ and your back is strong, the stress or strain of daily life activities can be dealt with, with less difficulty.

Most commonly people become inactive once they start experiencing back pain. The amount of stress brought to bear on the back results in the muscles supporting the spine to lose their tone, which in turn leads to movement dysfunction. This further leads to tightness of the muscles, which may make you feel more tired and hence become more inactive. You may feel uneasy or uncomfortable while sitting or bending. These constantly maintained positions or repetitive movements may lead to severe back pain and discomfort. As a result of chronic back pain, most people feel exhausted, restless and sometimes even develop depression. Pain and inactivity are related to each other.

Patients with chronic low back pain are mostly prone to suffering from the ill effects of too little exercise. If you feel that moving your back makes you feel uncomfortable, you tend to become less active with time. Avoiding physical movements worsens pain over time. In the past, doctors advised patients prolonged bed rest and inactivity for back pain, which over time only, worsened the condition and led to a slow recovery.

Exercise helps to strengthen and stretch the muscles thereby improving muscle tonicity. Exercise is a healthy tool to relieve pain and make you feel physically and psychologically comfortable similar to the use of pain medications but without the risks and side effects. Adhering to a physical conditioning regimen suggested by your doctor is especially important to patients with chronic back pain. Back pain is usually described as a psychobiological disorder that means it includes both physical and psychological elements. Exercise has benefits of reducing the disability from back pain, and also relieves frustration and helplessness associated with pain.

Please enquire about Group Class times and further details from Pam, Natasha or Haily.